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Exposed, Barren and Often Windswept

by Terzij de Horde

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A much maligned cloak of secrecy thrown over arms holding my heart The knife in the back replaced by a dagger of piercing truths Speak hands, for me as my lips tremble with lies Et tu Brute? Then fall Caesar Then let collapse this world of byes Lover/Caesar now be still I killed not thee with half as good a will Rip apart this futile corpse let the blameless fingers point vile daggers, torn shrouds Stained hands this body anoint let the pointless fingers blame your cloak and dagger routine on shame The knife in the back replaced by a dagger of piercing truths
Caught in the giant’s cave While every night the one-eyed god Walks in with his flock of sheep Your perception ruined By those that raised you As a mark of dedication To the lord of this hollow place You grow sick with fear At the thought of a world outside While every night The beast walks in And takes another from the ranks Martyred In a crushing of brains against the wall Your god will not get to me In this cave I am no one
Awake with a howler monkey mind Screaming vengeance against the world Slow lightning chases me through the masses That break their teeth On the millstones of religion And the clogged fat of shame Meanwhile, murder has turned inward Closely following public guidelines Emaciated under tents of flesh Drawn out by familiar hands A flash of absence Silences the rattling chains Everywhere veins shiver with desire To follow Cain’s shining path On a monstrous palanquin Behind drapes of knotted hair The ruling eyes of fear Blink out in emergency codes But my eyes are still
The Kraken 05:11
Below the thunders of the upper deep, Far, far beneath in the abysmal sea, His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep The Kraken sleepeth: faintest sunlights flee About his shadowy sides; above him swell Huge sponges of millennial growth and height; And far away into the sickly light, From many a wondrous and secret cell Unnumber'd and enormous polypi Winnow with giant arms the lumbering green. There hath he lain for ages, and will lie Battening upon huge sea-worms in his sleep, Until the latter fire shall heat the deep; Then once by man and angels to be seen, In roaring he shall rise and on the surface die.
Mooranyi 00:40
Here we are, surplus humanity forgotten but not yet gone Our ransacked villages, tattered bodies have not kept our struggle from going on We Who set out to found no cities, we are the found Who were bound for no victories, we are the bound Who levelled nothing before us, we are the ground Who will not be silenced, we are the sound Our dead will remain nameless Our ancestors mere hand, faceless Taken from our graves, robbed from our wombs Your fragile apologies resonate in hollowed tombs.
Cry out for the king To bring salvation from the plague Cry out for the king To bring the cleansing flame And build the new Jerusalem The king is the cause of the plague We capsize, overwhelmed By cascading oedipal revelations Jocasta’s feet have finally left the ground Fissures running all the way down Our sacred visions of Apocalypse Epic comic-book escape fantasies We are conveniently unworthy Lull our budding concerns to sleep And every doomsday tragedy Ends with a place in eternity The Delphic oracle grows fat On self-fulfilling prophecies And the Ark of the Covenant Holds a pair of golden brooches Only the burial ground of our old beliefs Will be blessed with a fighting chance Cry out for the king


First official demo, released in 2008 under the Liar Liar Cross on Fire-moniker. We would become Terzij de Horde after this release, as we felt the name didn’t cover the message anymore. Weirdly enough.

Recorded April 27, 2008


released December 21, 2008

Vocals: Joost Vervoort
Guitars: Stefan Hayes
Bass: Johan van Hattum
Drums: Richard Japenga

The Giant's Cave (track 2) co-written with Lucas Rutting
Cello (on track 6): Elleke Bosma

Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Freek de Greef
Band Photography: Michael Lablans
Logo, cover photo, artwork: Richard Japenga


all rights reserved



Terzij de Horde Utrecht, Netherlands

Terzij de Horde combine an amalgam of progressive black and doom metal with a rawness reminiscent of extreme hardcore or chaotic screamo.

Terzij de Horde is Dutch for “athwart the horde”. It is a line from the poem “Einde” (ending) by legendary Dutch poet Hendrik Marsman. Marsman is an inspiration to the band, as are many other authors and philosophers in the same dark vitalistic vein.
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